Free afghan pattern from Winkie Flash

Today we have something extra-special for you lovely readers as Wink from A Creative Being has stopped by to share her pattern for a groovy afghan inspired by a psychedelic blanket from Etsy. So over to Wink…

This pattern uses US crochet terms – check out The Making Spot’s full list and conversions here

You will need:

  • a crochet hook (5mm)
  • yarn (Stylecraft Special DK)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a darning needle

Let’s get started! 🙂

1.  Start by chaining 40, plus 1 for turning so we keep an even stitch count (this is just for the example; when you make an afghan the count doesn’t really matter! Just make it as long as you would like the afghan to be wide).

So: ch 41

2. Turn and work a sc in each stitch, by putting your hook in the bump on the back of the chain. This creates a neater finish. You could also use a chainless single crochet foundation stitch; if you choose to do so, you can skip step one.

Continue until you reach the end of the chain. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook.

So: sc 40 (40) 

3. Make another row of sc’s, but don’t turn your work! We are working from right to left here, every single round. Start with a standing single crochet by making a slip knot on your hook and starting the sc like you normally would, and crochet in the back loops only. (remind yourself to crochet all sc’s in the blo’s from now on)

So: blo, sc around (40)

4. Now it’s time to change colour. We’re going to do this after every row from now on. With the new colour, starting on the right hand side, start with a standing single crochet stitch, and sc 5, back loops only. Then make a double crochet but put your hook through the stitch in the second row below, using the ridge of the front loop. Make 10 single crochets and make another front loop double crochet in the second row below, and repeat this till the end of your work. (when making the dc, skip a stitch when making the next sc. the dc counts as one stitch).

So: blo, sc 5, *fldc in 2nd row below, sc 10* (40)

5. Change colour again, start with a standing single crochet stitch on the right hand side and single crochet 6 times before making the front loop double crochet. If you look at your work, you can see that you are moving the double crochet one stitch to the left on each row, so they sit next to each other! 🙂 You no longer have to count your stitches; just single crochet in the dc from the previous round and then make a front loop dc next to that.

So: blo, sc 6, *fldc in 2nd row below, sc 10* (40)

If you continue in this fashion you’ll quickly see the dc’s creating diagonal lines across your work. And that’s all there is to it! 🙂 Easy, right?

And this is how far I’ve gotten on my groovy-ghan so far:

A really big thank you to Winkieflash for sharing this gorgeous pattern with us, it’s just what we need to brighten up a grey January day!

If you want to see more from Wink make sure you check out her blog and follower her on Twitter @Winkieflash