Beginners class: how to double crochet

This easy crochet stitch is frequently used and forms a smooth, firm surface. It’s one of your crochet essentials!

Skip 2 chain stitches and insert the hook under the top loop of the 3rd chain.

Wind the yarn around the hook and pull it through the chain loop, leaving two loops on your crochet hook.

Yarn round hook again, then pull the yarn through both loops. There’s your double crochet made and you’ll have one loop left on your hook ready to do the next stitch. Continue to the end of the chain, but don’t work into the slip knot.

For the following (foll) rows, turn work and ch1. This is the turning chain (t-ch) and counts as the first dc. Skip the stitch at the base of the t-ch, then work 1dc under the top 2 loops of each stitch, including the top of t-ch on foll rows.

As seen in Simply Knitting.